21 Things for 21st Century Classroom

Assessment in the Multiple Intelligences Classroom

Authentic Education and Big Ideas (UBD resources and examples from UBD textbook authors)

Big 6 (Research framework)

Quia (Create quizzes and surveys)

Rubistar(Great rubric creator for teachers)

Rubric Maker and Checklist Maker(Rubric creator that exports as an excel document and a checklist for students)

Survey Monkey (Great survey creator, you must create a login to use it)

WebQuest FAQ Article with Resources More WebQuest Resources

Web 2.0


"We are preparing kids for their future, not ours. It's a future that we can't describe yet." ~David Warlick

What is Web 2.0? Wikipedia states : "The term 'Web 2.0' describes the changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aim to enhance creativity, communications, secure information sharing, collaboration, and functionality of the web. Web 2.0 concepts have led to the development and evolution of web culture communities and hosted services (such as social-networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies) which aim to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and sharing among users.

Web 2.0 resources:

Plain English Videos from Common Craft on Teacher Tube:

General Web 2.0

  • Wikis (websites that offer collaborative authoring- See a sample of a teacher using a wiki for Parent Communication )
    • Wikispaces - "Wikis are simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together. Starting your wiki at Wikispaces is fast, free, and easy."
    • Wikispaces for Educators - "In September 2008 we gave away our 100,000th K-12 wiki. We know a good thing when we see it so we're giving away another 250,000 ad-free, private K-12 Plus wikis!"
    • Educational Wikis - "PBwiki hosts more classroom wikis than anyone else in the world, and lets you create a simple, secure wiki in about 60 seconds."
  • Tag Crowd and Wordle
  • Web 2.0 Tools and Applications - Need a new tool? Check this out!!!

Multimedia Tools

Classroom Discussions

Doc Sharing and Social Bookmarking

Social Networking