Websites on Essential Questions (Supports Critical Thinking)

A Questioning Toolkit
This site is a general site about the power of planning instruction around different types of questions. There is a specific link to Essential Questions with many quality examples.

Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry-Based Learning
This is an e-paper that describes an effective approach to using essential questions in the context of inquiry-based research projects. Additional links appear at the end of the article.

Criteria for Creating Essential Questions
This link lists criteria for developing essential questions using the Understanding by Design model. It also gives examples of essential questions.

Developing Essential Questions / Building an Inquiry Based Unit
This site details successful methods for creating inquiry-based units. Included in the website is a description of the components of essential questions.

Developing Essential Questions
This site gives some pointers for developing essential questions. No examples are given, but the definitions are clear.

The question is the answer: Creating Research Programs for An Age of Information
Jamie McKenzie site about the importance of questioning in the building of units. Examples, with links to other sites. User-friendly!

Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School: Curriculum Assessment School-Wide Essential Questions
Examples of school-wide essential questions that are used for instruction at Parker Charter School in Massachusetts. Helpful if you want to make essential questions a school-wide focus.